Emotional Intelligence Leadership Benefits

Emotional intelligence leadership skills rely on EQ. What is EQ? EQ refers to emotional intelligence and is important for leaders of any organization. Studies have linked emotional intelligence to efficiency, effectiveness, and team-building. As a leader, you should focus on building a team that feels cared for and engaged in the workplace.

There are ways to develop emotional intelligence leadership. Many have to do with self-awareness. And with getting leaders involved in group situations. Such as peer advisory boards and coaching. But while you’re in process with that. It’s also okay to bring someone else into the organization that has a high level of EQ. This person should be able to connect with others. And should understand the power of emotions in conjunction with strategy and tactics. As a result, these activities generate positive change.

Linking Self Awareness

Consequently, if your EQ sucks, you better hire somebody to run your team for you. Therefore, the most important determinant of a good leader is your own self-awareness. This is your ability to recognize other people’s emotions. Understanding those emotions are the horsepower for change in any organization. So, if you don’t have high emotional intelligence, which a lot of CEOs don’t. You must understand two things. The first is that you can foster your EQ abilities. You can make this process faster by:

  • Working with a coach
  • Consulting a peer advisory board
  • Writing in a journal
  • Meditation
  • Therapy

There’s a lot of different ways to get more in touch with that part of yourself. But if it’s not your strength, it’s okay to bring someone else into the organization. They can sit between you and between the team that can bring that piece. To be honest, it’s what a lot of employees are looking for today. In other words, it is almost an expectation in the workforce.

How To Increase Your Emotional Intelligence

The good news, it is possible to develop your emotional intelligence leadership. There are many great books written on the subject. One I recommend is “Emotional Intelligence 2.0.” Also, you can search online. Plus you can ask me for referrals to books and great resources, YouTube videos, and TED Talk. My personal favorite is Brené Brown. Those kinds of resources are all great things.

Emotional Intelligence Leadership

Above all, the greatest I’ve seen is putting yourself in a peer advisory board situation. This allows you to be vulnerable and open. But you will need to be ready for the feedback that you’re going to get. Because the people that are your peers. And those people that are also leaders. They don’t have a stake in the game and they don’t want something out of you. In conclusion, they will tell you exactly how you show up and how you are being seen, and it’s powerful. And I’ve seen it change people in dramatic ways in short periods of time.