Top executives will often share things with a coach that they will not share with the “boss”. A good coach can take this information, along with a deep understanding of the company’s mission, and help employees shift their thinking, their skills, and their focus to become more productive and happier at work. Each member of an organizational team has his/her own personal life agendas, goals, dreams, beliefs and limits. These can, quite frankly, get in the way of what the CEO is trying to achieve. However, when the team members’ wishes are understood and their limits explored and re-aligned, quite amazing things can happen. So, “Inside Coaching” is when a trusted Advisor/Coach meets with each member of the team on a regular basis to empower them, challenge them, and align their outcomes with those of the company. It’s a transformational process and will often ignite the team for significant change.

inside coaching


That’s why one of the most pervasive topics in leadership and success right now is Culture. Is your Culture in alignment with your staffing plan, your mission, your desired outcomes? As the leader, you should always be “The Ambassador of Clarity”. However, that’s not as easy as it sounds. You may be surprised by what’s possible when the right conversations are happening within your organization.