Are your leaders delivering?

Engage Your Leader

Today’s up and coming leaders expect you to invest in them and their development.

And with this investment, you will cultivate efficacy and inspire loyalty in that work.

  • Confidence to have tough conversations

  • Tools to hold others accountable

  • Increased situational and self-awareness

leadership accelerator

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Stronger Company Leaders

Create a Culture of Leadership

Companies that support the growth of their employees have higher employee retention. Our program provides structure for shared commitment to company goals and a path for employees with upward potential.

Leadership Accelerator

Develop, Identify, and Engage Your Leaders

Companies can only grow as fast as their leaders. The purpose of the Leadership Accelerator is to strengthen your company’s leadership capacity throughout the organization in order to ensure continued growth. The program is driven by experiential peer-to-peer learning which allows for: immediate application of knowledge by participants, collaboration among group members, and real-time feedback and coaching.

The program consists of monthly meetings, accountability teams, and learning-implementation projects. These program components work together to help participants grow in a wide range of leadership capacities including: self and situational awareness, group process facilitation, clarified dynamics, accountability and motivation, emotional intelligence, change management, and problem solving.

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