The Challenge

More than half of senior leaders believe they haven’t adequately built critical skills and organizational capabilities (Harvard Business Review)

Obstacles to growth include

  • Access to a professional peer group with enough experience and perspective

  • Dedicating time to long-term growth amidst competing short-term priorities

  • Lack of rigorous planning and accountability for personal growth and professional learning

What is the solution?

Q4 Leadership Council

A tribe of high-level leaders collaborating to build essential leadership skills while driving company performance

Key Features Include:

A trusted group that creates connections while providing feedback, expertise, and insights.

Monthly activities – leadership skills development, challenge processing, conversation planning, and expert speakers.

Professional coaches that help with learning, group growth, personal development, and drive accountability.

How does the company benefit?

Good leadership can reduce voluntary turnover by 32% (SmartCEO)

Leaders in the program feel supported and invested. Direct reports of participants are more motivated and engaged.

Poor leadership practices cause companies to operate with a 5 – 10% productivity “drag” (GBS)

Leaders in the program increase productivity through improved goal clarity and accountability

Companies with positive culture outperform the competition by 20% (NCFC)

Leaders boost team culture through stronger vision and improved EQ and collaborative skills.

Next steps?