About Us

We help business owners learn how to be business leaders.

Meaningful conversations that create clarity and focus

Running a business presents specific challenges to leaders. Business growth requires an evolution in their skill set. Leaders need to learn to inspire, create a vision, and drive value.

Your challenges may be new, but they aren’t unique.

If you’re looking for the right team to help you learn and grow, let’s connect!

Meet our Team

Michele Jewett

Michele Jewett


Michele has been a business owner, coach, board facilitator, and a leadership developer spanning a twenty-five year career. She founded Q4 as her answer to the question, “How might I support today’s business leaders as they seek success in their business and a life of meaningful relationship and connection?” Michele finds joy in helping business owners and leaders plug in to their own passion and inner strength as a way to produce better results. Her Tribes are highly connected and highly productive.

Brian Hengesbaugh

Brian Hengesbaugh

Coach + Facilitator

Looking to get to the next level of leadership? Brian designs experiences for Q4 Leaders that launch members to new heights of personal and professional growth. He is a proud facilitation nerd, and brings a decade of experience training, educating, and facilitating to Q4 Leaders. His background in psychobiology and work science means that he has an evidence-based tool ready to help solve your current leadership challenge.

Ok, but does he have any superpowers? Brian has a one year old child and (like all dads) brings the power of eye-rollingly funny dad jokes wherever he goes. When he is not reviewing the latest work science findings, you can find him in the ocean or on a mountain with friends and family.

Consider this...

If you knew an opportunity would create quantum leaps in your growth as a leader, would you take it?

Overwhelmed with all of the responsibilities of a CEO? Tired of people always wanting something from you and not for you? Does it feel lonely at the top?

The CEO’s, founders, leaders, and business owners that we work with used to feel the same way. They were tired, overwhelmed and felt like they had no one to turn to for advice.

Q4 Leaders is here to help.

Reach Personal & Professional Goals

Connect with business leaders and watch your company benefit from the group’s shared experience and insights. Monthly meetings create a structure of accountability and provide extra motivation to address your key business goals.